• Sketch

    Strong & flexible design tool.

  • Strong & flexible design tool in the browser. With collaboration features built in.

  • Pixelsnap

    Draw a rough box around what you want to measure and PixelSnap adjusts to the elements in view. Drop that into your design / code or take a screenshot to for design QA.

  • Xscope

    Powerful on-screen utility with color picker & accessibility previews, measurement & more.


  • AlfredApp

    Alfred is the first app I install when I get a new machine. It is an app & workflow launcher with deep extension capabilities and strong community support.

  • F.lux

    This app detects your location and tints your screen at sun down to prevent eye strain from working long hours. If you're like me and you end up being in front of your computer from 7pm to well after midnight, you need this. I immediately saw improved sleep habits.

  • Stay

    Store the position and sizes of your windows across single & multiple desktops. Simple and stable tool that helps you spend time working, not adjusting app windows.

  • Kaleidoscope

    Diffing tool that supports text & images