Here's a quick walkthrough to help you reset a local git branch to remote.

We'll begin with the following assumptions: you have a user branch that is tracking a remote/upstream, you have local edits that you want to discard and you want to reset local to the latest remote/upstream commit.

Confirm local changes

Make sure you know what changes you're about to lose. If you want to preserve anything for later, you can use stash:

  git status

Alternative: Clear files

Consider whether you can use a simple method to remove untracked files instead of reseting the branch. You can try git clean or checkout:

  git clean -f

Remove all untracked files.

  git checkout .

Remove all unstaged changes in my working tree.

Reset to the latest commit on remote / upstream

This will remove all local changes.

  git reset --hard HEAD

The result is the same as re-cloning the repository.

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